Dynamic Jquery Lightbox Example in Asp .Net

  In this asp .net tutorial we will learn how to create dynamic lightbox. Lightbox is a Jquery plugin used to show images and content in popup window. Few days back I have created an article about step by step lightbox integration and receives many request about how to use lightbox with database. So I am writing this article about how to create dynamic lightbox with database in asp .net. This tutorial will cover following techniques:

1. Uploading images with thumbnails in asp .net.
2. How to create dynamic lightbox in asp .net.
3. How to upload images to images folder and store their information in database.
4. How to get image names from database and display on page using asp .net.

Jquery Lightbox integration step by step tutorial

 In this step by step tutorial we will see how to integrate Jquery Lightbox into our website. For this tutorial I will use Jquery Lightbox created by "Leandro Vieira Pinho". This plugin is inspired and based on Lightbox created by "Lokesh Dhakar". Jquery Lightbox is very beautiful and powerful plug-in to create image galleries with image overlay effects.

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