ActionLink with Confirm Dialog in .NET MVC

In this blog post, we'll explore two methods to implement an ActionLink with a confirm dialog in .NET MVC, allowing developers to create a more user-friendly application.

Using Html.ActionLink to call action on different controller

In this Asp .Net MVC tutorial we will learn how to call the action method which is present in the different Controller in ASP.NET MVC using Html.ActionLink

How to specify an area name in an Action Link .Net MVC

Asp .Net MVC example about how to specify an area name in an Html.ActionLink. We can pass Area name in the <code>RouteValues</code> parameter present in the Html.ActionLink class.

.Net MVC Html.ActionLink tutorial with examples

The Html.ActionLink creates an anchor element based on parameters supplied. In this example, we will learn how to use Asp .Net MVC Html.ActionLink. We will also create multiple types of Action links like:

  1. HtmlActionLink without controller name.
  2. HtmlActionLink with controller name.
  3. HtmlActionLink with parameters.
  4. HtmlActionLink with Area.
  5. HtmlActionLink with CSS class

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