How to configure email smtp settings in web.config using asp .net

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn about how to configure email smtp settings in web.config to send emails in asp .net. Sending emails is the major part of any web application, most of the webapplications today needs a functionality to send emails may be it is used to send newsletters, promotional emails, scheduled reports or username/password informations.Saving email settings in web.config will help you easily change SMTP settings throughout the webapplicaton without breaking email sending code.

Send Emails using Godaddy in asp .net

In this article we will learn how to set up email address on godday hosting provider and to send emails using godaddy and asp .net. Godaddy is an internet domain registrar and hosting company. To send emails using godday one must have their website hosted at Godaddy hosting server. 

Create a new email address on godaddy.

Step1: Logon to and login to your account.

Step2: In you account section click on Launch button next to email tab.

hMailServer Step by Step Installation Guide-Free SMTP server for Microsoft Windows

 In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to setup hMailServer to send emails from our local computer. hMailServer is a free SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server to send emails from our computer.

                                 Microsoft windows cannot ships with any free SMTP server, So we can use hMailServer on Microsoft windows to send emails from our local computer. We can also use any programming language like PHP, Asp .Net, JAVA, Python etc to send emails using hMailServer. hMailServer supports the common e-mail protocols like IMAP, SMTP and POP3.


Top 10 email service providers to send emails using asp .net

 In this article we will see how to send emails using asp .net and email service providers like Rediffmail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.  We will also see list of top 10 email providers we can use to send emails with asp .net.

Send test emails in asp .net without internet connectivity.

  In this article we will see how to send emails using SmtpDeliveryMethod.SpecifiedPickupDirectory in Asp .Net.This technique is very useful when we have to create and test email functionality in Asp .Net where we do not have access to the internet [It might feel funny that no internet connection in this era but there are some cases where we cannot use internet for security reasons like banking sectors or Military sectors] or we do not have any SMTP server configured on our machine. In these situations we can easy test our email code, email body formatting using SmtpDeliveryMethod.SpecifiedPickupDirectory.

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