Solution:Please upgrade NuGet to the latest version from

Today I was installing a Nuget package in my visual studio and got this strange error: 


Please upgrade NuGet to the latest version from


This is the first time I am facing this issue so I searched for some resolutions over the internet. I have successfully solved my issue but 4 hours wasted trying different solutions found over the internet. So I decided to write a post to describe the process I have followed to solve the issue. Hope this will help and save some time of fellow developers.


Step1: Open visual studio menu=>Click on "Tools"=>Click on "Extensions and Updates..." option.



Step2: A new popup will appear. Go to "updates"=>Click on "Visual Studio Gallery". You will see update option for "Nuget Package Manager...". Click on the update button.



Step3: Download will automatically starts.




Step4: Click on Install button.


Step5: Click on close button.



Step6: Click on the Restart button this will restart visual studio.Now try to add the NuGet package you will see the issue has been resolved now.



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