No exports were found that match the constraint.

I have faced a strange issue while working on visual studio. Whatever file I what to open with the visual studio it gives me error: 
No exports were found that match the constraint:ContractName

Solution: After hours of googling and trying different solutions. I have solved my issue by removing all the files from following visual studio ComponentModelCache folder:


Asp.Net Ajax Control Toolkit tutorials.
Great!!!!! Thank you so much!!!
17-Jul-2013 From  Sagi
Thanks Anuj, that solved the issue for me too! :)
19-Jul-2013 From  Paul
Thank you, you save a lot of my time!
20-Jul-2013 From  Artem
I just want to thank you :)
22-Jul-2013 From  Ania
Tks Anuj!! It is the "solution"!!, bye...
25-Jul-2013 From  Richard
Thanks Mate was awesome ..resolved the issue
7-Aug-2013 From  Nanda
Great Solution...
4-Sep-2013 From  vasu oza
Thanks to you I will spend my time on real work, not on this %$*!# and stupid error !
9-Sep-2013 From  Eric
27-Sep-2013 From  Christian Schwaar
26-Oct-2013 From  Raghav
ComponentModelCache doesn't exist on my system :-/
5-Nov-2013 From  Jamie Kitson
Ah, see also: AppData\Local\Microsoft\VPDExpress\11.0
5-Nov-2013 From  Jamie Kitson
thank u so mach
28-Nov-2013 From  sonal patel
Thank you very much for the solution to the problem
28-Nov-2013 From  chris mills
Thank you very much.
10-Dec-2013 From  Mohamed Aslam
Thanks all for your comments. I am glad that my post is helpful to others. Stay tuned for more..... Thanks all
10-Dec-2013 From  Anuj
Thanks a lot :-)
20-Feb-2014 From  Allan Hougaard
Thanks a lot dear, you are genius :D
4-Mar-2014 From  vivek verma
That was helpfull. Thanks
20-May-2014 From  Sydne
Thanks Sydne for your valuable feedback.
25-May-2014 From  Anuj
Thanks a lot :v
8-Jul-2014 From  Linh Ly Manh
Thanks for the soltion. Just needed to delete the Default.cache file.
20-Jan-2015 From  Tim Lucido

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