How to remove connections from linkedin new design.

 There is always a need to remove contacts or connections from social media websites like facbook,twitter,Linkedin etc.

Linkedin has done design changes in 2013 and removing connection feature has also changed. In this article I will explain how to remove connection from new Linkedin design.
Step:1 Login to your Linkedin account.
Step:2 Go to Network=>Contacts option from Menu.
Step:3 Click Remove Connections from right side of the website. 
Step:4 You can choose multiple connections from connection list situated at left side.

Step:5 Click Remove Connections button once you have selected contacts to remove.


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Thanks for posting this article.....
13-Jun-2013 From  Nisha
Thanks Nisha for your valuable feedback. Glad to hear it helped you.
7-Dec-2013 From  Anuj

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