How to Change boot device priority or access BIOS in Sony VAIO Laptops?

Few days back one of my friend bought Sony VIAO E-series E15123 Laptop with Windows8. He was not comfortable with windows8 so he decided to change it to Windows7. We have tried complete day but unable to find out how to access BIOS settings to change boot device priority to boot with Windows7 bootable CD. We have tried pressing F1, F3, Delete and many other keys during start up but none of the solutions works. Then suddenly a trick works.

Trick: Just shutdown your Laptop and press assist key. It will automatically power on your laptop and shows you BIOS screen. Hope it will help.

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thank u for telling this..... i 'm so confused about it .i had been tried all function keys and also del key but not worked... thank u again for this tips
8-Oct-2013 From  Birendra Tirkey
Works perfectly! Thanks!!
15-Oct-2013 From  Tanweer Khan
Thanks !! U saved my time !!
21-Oct-2013 From  Gaurav Sharma
Thanks for your writing this. This is write way to solve problem.
29-Jan-2014 From  Mukesh Kumar
Thanks Mukesh glad to know it helps you.
9-Feb-2014 From  Anuj
how to booted for sony PCG-61B11W and how to repair window 8 for sony PCG-61B11W
15-May-2014 From  Bunny Candy

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