Easiest way to remove .aspx from url in asp.net

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn about how to remove .aspx extension from url in asp .net. For this we will use Friendly URLs in asp .net

  1. Install Nuget package.
  2. To start with asp .net friendly urls you need to install following Nuget package.
                    Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls
    For more info you can check How to install nuget packages in asp .net.

  3. Files installed by friendly urls in asp .net
  4. Nuget will automatically install following files and folders in your application:


    Easiest way to remove .aspx from url in asp.net


    Note: "Site.Mobile.Master" and "ViewSwitcher.ascx" are optional files you can delete these files if not required.

  5. Add Global.asax file.
  6. Add Global.asax file in your application and add following lines of code:
                void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

  7. Add new pages and test application
  8. This is all you need to remove .aspx from url in asp .net. Add 2 new pages to test the application. Here I have used "Default.aspx" and "About.aspx".

    Default.aspx page source


    This is Home Page

    Go to About Page

    About.aspx page source


    This is about us page.

    Go to Home Page.

Remove .aspx from url in asp.net demo:

Easiest way to remove .aspx from url in asp.net demo
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