Posting JSON Data to ASP.NET MVC with Code Examples

Learn how to post JSON data to ASP.NET MVC using code examples. Discover the best practices for sending JSON data to your MVC controller.

Detect if action is a POST or GET method in .Net MVC with code examples

Learn how to detect POST and GET methods in .NET MVC. Enhance your web application's functionality with easy-to-follow examples and best practices.

Generate a Random Number and Random String in C#

Learn how to generate random numbers and strings in C#, and ensure security with RNGCryptoServiceProvider. Get essential programming tips and examples.

HttpPostedFileBase getting file extension in Asp.Net MVC

Learn how to get file extensions in ASP.NET MVC using HttpPostedFileBase. Simple code examples for handling file uploads and file extension extraction.

Display a formatted date in a TextBoxFor() in Asp .Net MVC

Learn how to display a formatted date in ASP.NET MVC TextBoxFor using DisplayFormat attribute. Step-by-step guide with code examples.

Use querystring variables in Asp .Net MVC controller

Learn how to use query string variables in MVC controllers. Access and process URL parameters in your ASP.NET MVC application with code examples.

Email model validation with DataAnnotations and DataType In ASP.NET MVC

Learn how to perform Email model validation using DataAnnotations and DataType attributes in ASP.NET MVC. Improve data integrity and user experience with proper form validation.

Display Image from Database in ASP.NET MVC

Display images from a database in ASP.NET MVC. Follow our step-by-step guide to enhance your website's user experience with dynamic image rendering.

How to submit disabled input in ASP.NET MVC

Learn how to effectively submit disabled input in ASP.NET MVC forms. Optimize user experience and data handling with these practical techniques

Sailor Free Bootstrap Template in Asp .Net MVC

Spirit 8 is a clean, flat, and professional Asp .Net MVC Corporate Multipurpose Template for agencies and creative studios.
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