Different Ways to Get the Current User in ASP.NET MVC

Learn different ways to get the current user in ASP.NET MVC. Explore code examples and techniques for accessing user information in your application.

Action Filters in ASP.NET MVC: Benefits and Usage

Discover the benefits and usage of action filters in ASP.NET MVC. Learn how to leverage modularity, reusability, and security in your web development. Code examples included.

Implement Custom Validation in ASP.NET MVC Models

Learn how to implement custom validation in ASP.NET MVC models with code examples. Improve the reliability and security of your web applications by tailoring validation logic to your specific requirements.

Define and use Method in Razor .Net MVC

Learn how to define methods in Razor with code examples. Discover the power of @functions directive and enhance your web development skills.

Caching In ASP.NET MVC with code examples

Improve performance and responsiveness in .NET MVC with caching. Learn types of caching, implementation techniques, and advantages for web applications.

FilePathResult in .NET MVC with code examples

Learn how to use FilePathResult in .NET MVC to simplify file downloads. Five code examples demonstrate serving PDFs, CSVs, ZIPs, and images.

HTML.ActionLink as a Button or an Image

Learn how to use HTML.ActionLink in ASP.NET MVC to create buttons or image buttons. Get code examples and step-by-step instructions for customizing links as buttons or incorporating images for a visually appealing user experience.

Use Dashes in HTML-5 data-* Attributes in ASP.NET MVC

Learn how to use dashes in HTML-5 data-* attributes in ASP.NET MVC. Explore code examples for creating, accessing, styling, binding, and retrieving data attributes. Overcome rendering issues and leverage custom data effectively.

Top 10 Must-Have Tools and Plugins for .NET MVC Development

If you are a .NET MVC developer, having the right tools and plugins can significantly improve your development experience, boost your productivity, and enhance the quality of your code. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 must-have tools and plugins for .NET MVC development.

Custom Error Pages in .NET MVC: Handling Errors with Style

In this blog post we will learn about how to create custom error pages in .NET MVC to provide a user-friendly experience. Improve error handling with meaningful messages and stylish designs.
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