Extract text between two words using C# with example

Extract text between two words using C#. Parsing text and extracting specific data is a common task in programming. C# provides various ways to accomplish this, and one of them is to get the text between two words. In this blog, we will explore how to do this using C#.

Difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms

Difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms. When it comes to building web applications using the Microsoft stack, developers have two main options: ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms. Both frameworks offer different approaches to building web applications and have their own set of pros and cons. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the differences between ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms and help you decide which one is the best fit for your project.

5 Multiple Files/Images upload examples in Asp .Net

In this tutorial we will explore 5 different examples to upload multiple files/images using asp .net. Files/Images will be uploaded with or without a page postback.

Using FileUpload Control To Upload Multiple Files In ASP.NET

Asp .Net tutorial with examples about multiple file upload using FileUpload control in Asp .Net. The asp:FileUpload control provides us a Text Box and browse button which enables users to select a file from our local computer and upload it to the server.
We will aslo discuss some of the most commonly used properties of file upload control like ContentLength,ContentType,FileName and HasFile.

jquery blueimp file upload example in asp .net

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn about How to use Blueimp jquery file upload in asp .net to upload multiple files with progress bars . Blueimp jquery file upload has multiple features like:

  1. Multiple file selection.
  2. Progress bars.
  3. Drag and drop support.
  4. Chunked file upload support.
  5. Resumable file uploads.
  6. Client size image resizing.
  7. Many more...

C# string compare example

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn how to use c# string compare method with example and source code. C# string compare method is used to compare two strings, you have option to ingnore or compare case of the string.

C# string method returns a result that provides us information that string is greater than or less than the other, or that the two strings are equal.

Styling radiobuttons and checkboxes in asp .net using Jquery iCheck plugin

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn <b>how to apply custom style to radio buttons and checkboxes in asp .net</b> using iCheck Jquery plugin.

iCheck has multiple predefined themes to match your application design. iCheck is supported in Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Mobile browsers (like Opera mini, Chrome mobile, Safari mobile, Android browser, Silk and others) are also supported.

Easiest way to remove .aspx from url in asp.net

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn about how to remove .aspx extension from url in asp .net. For this we will use Friendly URLs in asp .net

Multiple ways to install Nuget packages in Visual Studio

In this tutorial we will learn multiple ways to install nuget packages in Visual Studio 1) Using Using Nuget GUI 2) Using Nuget Package Manager Console

How to configure email smtp settings in web.config using asp .net

In this asp .net tutorial we will learn about how to configure email smtp settings in web.config to send emails in asp .net. Sending emails is the major part of any web application, most of the webapplications today needs a functionality to send emails may be it is used to send newsletters, promotional emails, scheduled reports or username/password informations.Saving email settings in web.config will help you easily change SMTP settings throughout the webapplicaton without breaking email sending code.

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